Video and multi-person screen sharing coming to Slack

New video and screen sharing features will be added to huddles

Slack is adding video and screen sharing to their ‘Huddles’ drop-in chat feature, which works similar to Discord’s drop-in screen sharing and video chat features.

All Slack users will have the ability to go into video chat as part of the drop-in chat feature followed by multi-person screen sharing. User message threads will also automatically save along with the use of emojis, reactions, and “stickers” in video chat.

Discord is one of the more notable drop-in voice chat messaging platforms. It originally used video chat back in 2017 and later upgraded to drop-in video chat in 2020.  Screen sharing was also a feature added to Discord’s drop-in chat messaging system.

However, Discord is not the only platform Slack has taken some notes from as they added drop-in voice chat ‘Huddles’ based on Clubhouse.

The new features in Slack ‘Huddles’ will be added in fall 2022 for all teams. You can learn more on Slack’s website.

Image Credit: Slack

Sources: Slack Via: Engadget