Fortnite studios help creators by opening up a variety of branding opportunities

New horizons coming to Fortnite Creative

Since its first release in 2017, Fortnite has become more than a battle-royale game, with several brand deals for skins and items available over the years.

With that said, Beyond Creative, Alliance Studios, Zen Creative, and TeamUnite are just some of those that have worked with branded Fortnite ‘Creative’ worlds.

Some of the branded worlds created by these studios are Balenciaga, Verizon, the NFL, Nvidia, AMD, Chipotle, GrubHub, and more

In a report from The VergeFortnite Creative maps have the potential to be very lucrative and have already done so for studios like Alliance which, depending on the level of work, can have a contract earning a range of “four to six figures” according to Simon Bell, co-owner and art director at Alliance Studios.

With ‘Creative’ releasing within the popular battle-royale game in December 2018, some smaller creators rely on the ‘Support-A-Creator’ Program, which enables qualified ‘Creator Codes’ for creators to be submitted into the item shop.

Once submitted, players who buy something in the item shop with the code activated will support the creator. These ‘Creator Codes ‘ also apply to Rocket League and the Epic Games store.

On the ‘Support-A-Creator’ Program blog posted by Epic, Fortnite players can earn five percent value of in-game purchases with the use of their Creator Code.

However, the amount of money made with the activated codes is generally based on how much ‘V-Bucks’ a player has spent during the activation period.

Roblox and Meta are already competing with Fortnite when it comes to creator monetization allowing players to monetize their custom items within their respective platforms.

With hints from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on Twitter in response to Fortnite’s current five percent policy for creators, there may just be more on the way for ‘Creative’ creators.

Image Credit: Epic Games

Source: The Verge