Apex Legends is currently suffering from input delay issues on Xbox Series X/S

The laggy controls continued into other titles after playing Apex

Xbox Series X/S Apex Legends players have reported experiencing input control issues amid the game’s ongoing ‘Awakening Collection Event,’ which launched on June 21st.

Whenever players move their joystick or press a button, their input is delayed significantly. If you’ve ever played a shooter like Apex before, you’ll know that this makes the title almost totally unplayable.

The lag even extends to the Xbox dashboard and other games. However, restarting the console seems to fix the input delay issue. Some reports indicate that Microsoft’s Elite controllers are affected more significantly by the glitch.

Respawn Entertainment recently tweeted that it’s aware of the issue and says that it’s currently working on a fix. Some Reddit users report that if you plug in the controller or play the game with an older Xbox one gamepad the input delay disappears.

Apex Legends isn’t the only game frustrating players with input delay issues either as MLB The Show 22 is currently suffering from similar issues on the Xbox Series X/S.

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Via: The Verge