Check out this Starbucks coffee-themed earbuds case for Samsung Galaxy Buds

It's cute, but only available in South Korea

Samsung partnered with Starbucks on several accessories for its Galaxy S22 smartphones, Galaxy Buds and more.

Unfortunately for Canadian Starbucks fans, these accessories are only available in South Korea. Still, some of the accessories are really neat. I mean, just look at the coffee-themed Galaxy Buds case — it’s so dang cute!

Plus, the case reportedly supports the Galaxy Buds 2, Buds Live, and Buds Pro. In other words, it sounds like you should be able to rock the coffee case with most of Samsung’s available earbuds.

Unfortunately, not all of the Starbucks-themed accessories are as great as the coffee case. There’s another earbuds case, but it appears to just be the standard charging case with a Starbucks logo stamped on top.

There are also several phone cases, with two options for the S22 and S22+ and two options for the S22 Ultra. For the S22 and S22+, there are two basic, frankly boring Starbucks cases. One is green with rubber sides, what appears to be a fabric back, and the Starbucks logo. According to a picture from the Starbucks website, the case matches the colour of the Starbucks apron.

The other S22/22+ case is a darker shade of green with the Starbucks logo and text reading “Count stars in your galaxy.”

The Galaxy S22 Ultra cases are much more interesting. Both cases are variations on Samsung’s arguably weird ‘strap’ case. The first is light green and the strap features a Starbucks logo with a bear instead of the typical siren. The other case is dark green and the strap looks like a Starbucks order receipt (with order number “S-22”).

The receipt strap case is arguably the most unique of the bunch, although it might be weird walking around with what looks like a receipt stuck to the back of your smartphone.

You can see all the Starbucks x Samsung accessories here.

Images credit: Samsung/Starbucks

Source: Samsung/Starbucks Via: Android Police