Nintendo has increased security following prominent game prototype leak

Nintendo hadn't previously commented on the leak

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Nintendo says it’s tightened security following a high-profile leak of its assets in 2020.

Dubbed the ‘Gigaleak,’ this breach resulted in a slew of data on old and unreleased games and hardware, such as an HD GameCube. It also contained information on the Chinese brand iQue, which has led some to believe that iQue was responsible.

At the company’s annual shareholder meeting, the company was asked about iQue’s potential role in Gigaleak. As transcribed by Twitter user NStyles, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa responded with the following:

“The PC and mobile games market in China is large, but dedicated games consoles are not so large. Together with Tencent, we want to continue to popularise them. We are working with experts on information leaks. We have also introduced information security management.”

While it’s a fairly vague comment, it’s nonetheless notable because Nintendo hadn’t ever actually made any public comment on the leak. Not too surprising, considering the video game industry is so notoriously secretive.

Via: VGC