New iOS 16 feature to enable drivers to pay for fuel from the vehicle’s screen via CarPlay

iOS 16 will reportedly enable developers to create apps for “fuel and driving tasks” including fuel payment

iOS 16 reportedly includes a new CarPlay feature to make it easier for drivers to purchase fuel.

The addition to the iOS 16 feature preview page shows that the software enables developers to create apps for “fuel and driving tasks.” In the description, this CarPlay feature enables “Your favourite apps that help you fill your tank and provide you with road information.”

Reports indicate that gas station chains are in the midst of preparing themselves for this new era of app design. Additionally, these chains are preparing to allow drivers to pay for fuel through the vehicle’s supported infotainment centre.

Theoretically, CarPlay’s new support can enable developers to let drivers pay for their fuel, access road toll info, towing assistance, and more all through a CarPlay-enabled display. These new integrations must revolve around tasks outside of navigation. As Apple and CarPlay heavily utilize the Maps app, these tasks and benefits must be unrelated to finding stops and routes.

As Apple dictates in the developer guidance tool, these apps must enable “meaningful functionality” with relevance to driving. For instance, apps cannot simply be a list of nearby fueling stations or electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

iOS 16 is still currently in its developer beta phase. It’s expected to officially launch later this year alongside the iPhone 14. At WWDC, Apple confirmed that the next-generation CarPlay experience is set to arrive in 2023. Finally, this new era for the in-vehicle assistance tool is set to feature deep communication, new layouts, and personalization.

Image credit: Apple

Source: 9to5Mac