Telus invests millions to upgrade networks in Haida Gwaii, B.C.

Telus' upgrades apply to cellular services and broadband internet

Vancouver-based telecom giant Telus says it has invested $10 million to upgrade cell and broadband internet services for communities in Haida Gwaii, B.C.

Made up of a group of islands, Haida Gwaii is located off the province’s west coast.

The company says it completed upgrades in June to give residents and businesses in the communities of Daajing Giids and Skidegate internet speeds up to 120Mbps. Telus also updated local infrastructure, granting locals and visitors access to high-speed wireless voice and internet services for the first time.

The company says the updates “build upon” their reconciliation commitment. 

“We continue to engage with communities and Indigenous leaders in ways that they want to engage with us, and believe it is our responsibility as a socially purpose driven organization to use our voice, business and relationships to encourage reconciliation across Canada,” Tony Geheran, Telus’ executive vice-president and chief operations officer, said.

Source: Telus