Tesla EVs equipped with pothole detection and suspension height adjustment

Available only for the Model X and Model Y vehicles

Get ready for your pothole nightmares to go away with a pothole scanning system and suspension adjustment features arriving for specific Tesla models.

According to Electrek, Tesla Model S and Model X will feature a “tough road map” which will include pothole detection and an ‘Adaptive Suspension’ feature which will adjust vehicle suspension accordingly when using the ‘rough road map’ feature.

However, this is not a surprise to many Elon Musk followers, as the Tesla CEO tweeted in 2020 that Tesla cars would soon have these features. “This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla cars,” he tweeted.

In order to enable the features in the Model S and Model X, you’ll need to make sure you’re on the latest update 2022.20, “Controls > Suspension > Active Suspension Damping, and select the Comfort or Auto Setting,” as noted by Tesla.

Tesla also notes, “the instrument cluster will continue to indicate when the suspension is raised for comfort.”

Tesla will join Ford as the only current automakers to install pothole scanning technology, with Ford being the first to do so with plans to install individual pothole detection and instant suspension damping.

Image credit: Tesla

Source: Electrek Via: Engadget