Canadian streamer xQc spent two hours on ‘slots for kids’

xQc described the online slot machine as "goofy-ass dogsh*t" before playing for another two hours

Quebecois streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is again in the spotlight for his gambling.

The content creator has been working with an online casino called Stake and often gambles on his Twitch streams. Recently, however, the streamer was directed to an online slot machine called Fluffy in Space. The viewers on his channel referred to this as “slots for kids.”

The online slots had a maximum wager of $12.50 USD (about $16.29 CAD), which is a lot less than what xQc typically spends. The online machine is filled with stuffed animals and silly sound effects that play with each and every pull on the slots.

xQc described the online slot machine as “goofy-ass dogsh*t,” but still spent two more hours gambling.

The streamer has been the centre of debates about whether he should be accepting gambling sponsorships and handing out promotional codes.

Additionally, xQc is losing more than $2 million CAD from gambling, and had his father call him during a stream to call him about his gambling problem.

Via: TheGamer