[Update] Koodo removes $65/20GB promo plan

Virgin Plus and Fido no longer list the plans on their websites

Update 07/07/2022 at 08:58am ET: Koodo removed its $65/20GB promo, going back to the normal $65/15GB plan instead. Now all three flanker brands have removed the offer, which was originally slated to end on July 4th.

Update 06/07/2022 at 08:55am ET: Fido has now removed its $65/20GB promo, reverting the plan to $65/15GB. At the time of this update, Koodo still offered the $65/20GB promo.

Back in mid-June, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus rolled out a promotion that added 5GB of extra monthly data onto each provider’s respective $65/mo 15GB plan, bringing it up to 20GB of monthly data. At the time, all three providers listed the promo as running until July 4th, but only Bell’s Virgin Plus has held to that.

As of July 5th, Virgin Plus no longer lists the $65/20GB promo on its website — instead, it’s back to the $65/mo 15GB plan the provider previously offered.

Virgin Plus $65/15GB plan as of July 5th

Meanwhile, Rogers’ Fido and Telus’ Koodo have removed the July 4th end date from their $65/mo 20GB promotional plans. Both still list the plan as a “limited time offer,” but there’s no longer an end date. In other words, if you wanted to grab this plan and haven’t, now’s probably a good time to get it since it’s not clear how much longer it’ll be available.

Moreover, Koodo and Fido still offer $55/8GB plans, while Virgin Plus does not. These plans aren’t new, but Koodo has listed its $55/8GB option as a “promotion” since discounting it by $1 in May.

Anyway, if you’re looking to get a little extra data for your dollar, now might be the last good chance to get the $65/20GB promo before it’s gone.