Simulation reveals what Stage Manager could be like on iPad mini

Although it looks like Stage Manager could work on iPad mini, Apple limits the feature to M1-equipped iPads

Apple Stage Manager

Apple’s ‘Stage Manager’ was already confirmed to launch at WWDC 2022 and we already know it only works with M1 chip iPads. However, for those wondering what it would be like to have Stage Manager on an iPad mini, a recent simulation could help.

9to5Mac detailed what the experience of using Stage Manager could be like on the iPad mini. The publication did this by simulating the experience with iOS Simulator — an Apple tool for developers to test apps on a Mac — and then exporting the screenshots to the iPad mini.

Overall, it looks like Stage Manager would be quite useful on the mini, even with its smaller display size.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Apple says Stage Manager requires the M1 chip to work. Part of that is because Stage Manager can open up to eight apps. Additionally, Apple says only M1 has the power needed to support output to display of up to 6K resolution, the maximum supported by Stage Manager. Virtual memory swap is another limiting factor.

Despite Apple’s performance claims, it’s worth noting that the base-level iPad Air, which doesn’t support virtual memory swap but does have an M1, supports Stage Manager. Coupled with uncovered iPadOS 16 code that allows Apple to enable Stage Manager on older, non-M1 iPads.

While this indicates we could see Stage Manager on the iPad mini one day, Apple hasn’t confirmed it and you likely shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Image Credit: Apple

Source: 9to5Mac