Pixel phones getting July security patch, chill frog wallpapers

These frogs are a vibe

The July 2022 security patch dropped for Google’s Pixel line starting July 6th. The patch will be available on the Pixel 4, 4XL, 4a, 4a 5G, 5, 5a (not in Canada), 6, and 6 Pro.

9to5Google noted that it should be one of the last security updates before the next major version of Android arrives. Per Google’s Android 13 Beta overview, the fourth and final beta version will arrive in July ahead of the final Android 13 release. Although the company doesn’t provide an arrival date for Android 13, it’ll likely become available shortly after the final beta arrives.

Anyway, the July security patch for Android 12 includes fixes for 12 security issues. And frogs, for some reason.

The security issues range from high to critical, and you can check them out here. There’s also a Pixel-specific bulletin you can view here. 9to5 says that aside from the security fixes, the update enables additional Voice over LTE (VoLTE) features on some networks for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro (this change doesn’t affect Canada).

As for the frogs, Google added three new wallpapers to its ‘Pixel Curated Culture’ wallpaper collection featuring — you guessed it — frogs. The three frog wallpapers come from artist Aubii of Autumnalwood (you can check more of her work on Instagram).

The three wallpapers actually appear to connect together into one larger image depicting three frog friends walking in the woods. One frog is ‘Grinnin,’ another is ‘Vibin,’ and the last is ‘Smilin.’ Each image includes the following description:

“Adventurin’ is great, but it’s just so, so fun when accompanied by your best (froggy) buddies.” – Aubii of Autumnalwood

These wallpapers mark the 17th edition of Pixel Curated Culture wallpapers and join 48 other backgrounds for Pixel phones from the Pixel 3 series to the Pixel 6 line. Interestingly, most of Google’s Curated Culture wallpapers celebrate something specific — for example, last month had Pride Month wallpapers, and past versions have celebrated Indigenous peoples, mental health, and more. These frog wallpapers appear to just be that — frog wallpapers.

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