Bell wants you to know its network is just fine amid Rogers outage

A Bell tweet (and sick burn) warned that some customers may have issues texting or calling Rogers customers

As a massive Rogers outage crippled much of Canada Friday morning, Bell wanted to let everyone know it was doing just fine.

In a tweet from the Bell Support Twitter account, the telecom said some of its customers “may be experiencing issues when trying to call or text Rogers subscribers due to current interruptions in Rogers network services.”

“The Bell network is operational and calls and texts between Bell customers or to other providers are not impacted,” the tweet said.

While a helpful tweet for any Bell customers wondering why their Rogers friends are ghosting them, it also doubles as a slick burn. Nothing like a little telco on telco action in the morning.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that while telco infighting is fun to watch, it’s mostly a charade to prop up the idea that competition exists between the Big Three. As some have astutely pointed out, if Canada organized its telecom infrastructure in a different way, the outage might not have had such a drastic impact.

As it stands, if you use Rogers, you’re stuck with Rogers — even during an outage. Bell’s network being up is great for Bell customers, and not for anyone else.

Update 08/07/2022 at 11:07am ET: Although Bell said its network is working fine, it’s worth noting that some users are reporting problems with Bell and other providers too. Ookla’s Downdetector.ca says several providers, including Bell, Telus, Freedom Mobile, Koodo, Virgin Plus, and more have issues.

Let us know down below if you’re experiencing issues, whether you’re with Rogers or another provider.