Indiana Jones lands in the Fortnite Battle Pass

There are certain quests that you need to complete to get access to the Indiana Jones set

Fortnite’s new crossover is with none other than Indiana Jones. 

The skin is part of the new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 battle pass, and to unlock it, and other items from the set, you’ll need to purchase the battle pass and complete certain quests.

  • Searching five chests at Shifty Shaft will unlock the Indiana Jones Banner.
  • To unlock the Rogue Archaeology Wrap, you’ll have to deal 500 damage to opponents while riding or standing on a vehicle.
  • Swing off trees using the Grapple Gun ten times to unlock the Raider’s Relics Pickaxe.
  • In a single match, collect the DurrrBurger relic from The Temple and The Ruins to unlock the Expedition Bag Back Bling.

Completing all the above-mentioned quests will unlock the Indiana Jones Outfit and a new set of quests.

Completing the second set of quests will give you access to the Temple Explorer Style of the Indiana Jones Outfit, as seen in the image above.

  • If you can find a secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines, you’ll unlock Indy’s Dustoff Emote (which can only be used with the Indiana Jones Outfit).
  • Stashing a Mythic or Exotic item in a tent will reward you with Indy’s Escape Spray.
  • Making a runway boulder roll 100 metres in a single match will unlock Doctor Jones Emoticon.
  • Dealing 750 damage to opponents with a pistol will unlock First Misadventure Loading Screen.
  • And lastly, finishing in the top five in a match will unlock the Emergency Raft Glider.

The Indiana Jones Quests are available until Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 lasts.

Learn more about the new outfit and its quests here.

Image credit: Epic Games

Source: Epic Games