Check out this re-imagined horizontal Game Boy

If the original Game Boy and Game Boy Advance had a baby...

Video game console and handheld modder Obirux created a re-imagined original Game Boy sporting a horizontal orientation similar to Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance handheld.

As reported by Gizmodo, Obirux wanted to keep the modded Game Boy as authentic as possible, so they sacrificed two original Game Boy shells to make the custom handheld, which helps lend it that authentic look. Obirux carrier over the power switch, volume wheel, link port, headphone jack, and original buttons and directional pad controls.

Still, there are some much-needed upgrades in the prototype. For one, Obriux added a better screen with a proper backlight and the ability to change a game’s colour palette.

Overall, the modded Game Boy looks like a long-lost authentic Nintendo prototype. Unfortunately, it also looks like it won’t be readily available for fans. Obirux reportedly doesn’t plan to make a kit with necessary parts for people to make their own horizontal Game Boys.

So is the horizontal Game Boy hype? I’d say so. I loved my Game Boy Advance as a kid — the horizontal form factor felt incredibly ergonomic. The only real complaint I’d make about the Advance was its lack of a backlit screen (that, and the flip on the Game Boy Advance SP had me very jealous). While I never found the original Game Boy that comfortable to hold, the form factor might have been better.

You can check out the horizontal Game Boy on YouTube or through Obirux’s VSCO page.

Images credit: Obirux

Source: Obirux (YouTube) Via: Gizmodo