LG’s unreleased rollable appears on YouTube

The video showcases the device rolling in and out

LG Rollable

LG’s unreleased/unannounced rollable phone has appeared on YouTube.

The video showcases the device rolling in and rolling out. You can either tap an icon on the display or press a hardware toggle.

The phone seems pretty thin and perhaps a bit longer than a normal smartphone. The display size doesn’t expand a whole lot when it’s rolled out, though. The phone appears to work and has apps like Google Calendar, Chrome, Google News, LG Pay and more. However, all the apps have Korean names.

It’s unfortunate that this device will never come to market. LG shuttered its phone business back in 2021. Rumours point to Samsung one day launching a rollable and Oppo also released an Oppo rollable prototype. 

Source: 아우레올, Android Authority