SpaceX partners with Silent Yachts to add Starlink Maritime to electric catamarans

The electric yacht marker will begin utilizing Starlink’s internet services as part of the deal

SpaceX and Silent Yachts are partnering to utilize Starlink Martitime’s internet services. The partnership sees Silent Yachts install the Maritime version of Starlink across its solar electric catamarans.

Silent Yachts specializes in the development and production of the first and only ocean-ready solar yachts. In a bid to integrate high-speed internet services, the company is partnering with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink. By doing so, the company can utilize its Maritime version after Starlink was just approved by the FCC to operate on moving boats, planes, and other vehicles.

SpaceX’s Starlink Maritime hopes to offer “high-speed, low-latency internet with up to 350 Mbps download while at sea.” While this offshoot service is still quite new, it’s available across a large amount of the ocean. Globally, SpaceX has enough coverage to warrant a partnership with Silent Yachts. Plus, it plans to expand the coverage even more over the next few months.

Starlink Maritime does come with a hefty price tag. Space X offers Starlink Maritime at a monthly rate of $5,000 USD (roughly $6,490 CAD). Additionally, there is a one-time hardware purchase of $10,000 USD (roughly $12,981 CAD). The kit includes two high-performance Starlink terminals and pipe adapter mounts. Users can also pause and resume service at any time.

There’s no word on how pricing will shake out when purchasing an electric catamaran from Silent Yachts.

Recently, SpaceX also announced Starlink for RVs, further covering its expansion across many vehicles. In Canada, it is available at a monthly fee of $192.10 plus an upfront cost of $931.12.

Image credit: Silent Yachts

Source: TeslaNorth