Apple’s upcoming OLED iPads will reportedly be thinner and lighter

A new 'dry etching" display manufacturing process will allow Apple to slim down its high-end tablets

iPad Pro

Apple’s upcoming OLED iPads will feature thinner and lighter builds alongside improved display quality like deeper black levels, according to ET News.

The report states that the displays are being manufactured by Samsung and LG Display. Apple’s new iPad display technology focuses on offering a lighter design and “unrivalled image quality.”

ET News says that Apple will be able to achieve this design through a display manufacturing process called dry etching:

“Apple will also introduce the iPad OLED display dry etching process for the first time. Display dry etching is a process of removing unnecessary parts using chemical technology when making thin film transistor (TFT) circuit patterns.”

The first OLED iPad models are rumoured to be the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro that will likely launch in 2024. Apple’s iPad Pro (2021) features a mini LED display, while its smaller 11-inch counterpart still features a standard LCD screen.

It’s currently unclear if Apple has plans to bring OLED display technology to other tablets in its lineup like the iPad Air (2022) and iPad Mini (2022).

Source: ET News Via: 9to5mac