CRTC gives Rogers 10 days to explain cause of July 8 outage

The CRTC wants to know what happened, and what Rogers will do prevent it happening again

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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ordered Rogers to respond to questions about the massive July 8th network outage that took down wireless and wireline service on July 8th and through the weekend.

As reported by the Globe and Mail, the commission gave Rogers until July 22nd to offer a “detailed account” of what happened with the outage. Moreover, the CRTC asked Rogers to outline measures it would put in place to prevent a future outage.

“Today, the CRTC ordered Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Rogers) to respond to detailed questions and provide a comprehensive explanation regarding the national service outage millions of Canadians experienced on Friday July 8, 2022,” the CRTC’s statement reads.

“We take the safety, security, and wellness of Canadians very seriously and we are responsible for ensuring that Canadians have access at all times to a reliable and efficient communications system.”

Alongside the statement, Global National’s Abigail Bimman shared a copy of a letter the CRTC sent Rogers requesting “comprehensive answers” by July 22nd. The letter notes the CRTC received “requests for a public inquiry” into the outage but does not say the CRTC is launching a public inquiry.

According to The Globe and Mail, Rogers says it will credit its customers with the equivalent of five days of service cost, an increase from the two days it previously committed to.

Source: CRTC, Globe and Mail, Abigail Bimman (Twitter)