Redditor uses piano keys to beat Elden Ring

First a banana controller, then a harp controller, and now a piano...this is getting out of hand

Just when you thought that there wasn’t a more bizarre way to defeat a boss in Elden Ring, things have managed to get a littlecrazier.

Reddit user ‘Omunchkin13(Omunchkin on YouTube) put his talents on the piano to use by making the instrument his controller for Elden Ring. On each key, he set up commands like movement, attacks, and more through software called MDI Translator.

The software helped him set up his key binds so that every move worked in sync. However, every 20 minutes the software closed because he was using the free version, causing him to freeze mid-battle.

Despite these challenges, he still managed to beat every main boss in the game with only his piano over the course of roughly 40 hours.

If you thought a piano was the weirdest way someone finished Elden Ring in 2022, it’s not. Someone also beat the game using bananas — I’m not joking. Another player finished the game using a harp.

Image credit: Omunchkin 

Source: Omunchkin Via: PushSquare