Google reveals the purpose of Pixel’s ‘Settings Services’ app

Settings Services has been updated on the Play Store since 2018

Google recently added a ‘Setting Services’ app to Pixel smartphones, but until now, it’s been unclear what the app’s purpose is.

Google says the Settings app uses ‘Setting Services’ as a “core system software.” This enables users to setup, connect and customize settings on Pixel devices and change app settings.

The app also receives permissions from the system to display information like network connection and connected devices, and sets rules for when not to activate ‘do not disturb’ mode or send notifications.

These are the functions of the permissions within the app according to Google’s Pixel help article:

Mobile Network Connection

Setting Services is able to check if your phone is connected to a mobile network.

Connected Devices

This permission lets widgets display status info for your phone and its Bluetooth connected-devices.

  • Notifications

  • Settings Services displays status notifications and updates. Different notifications have their own settings preferences.
  • Location

  • Rules can help automate location-dependent changes that you regularly make in Settings, such as switching your phone to silent when you get to work. Rules require all-the-time location access to work correctly. Location data stays on your phone and is not sent to Google. You can change location permissions and Rules settings.

If privacy is a concern, note that “Setting Services may collect any phone and other IDs, app interactions, crash logs, and diagnostics,” says Google.

To control whether the feature is enabled, open the Settings app > tap Privacy > Usage & Diagnostics > then simply turn on or off Usage & Diagnostics

Sources: Google Via: 9to5Google