Sony announces PlayStation Stars loyalty program, launching later this year

PlayStation Stars points can be redeemed for PlayStation Store products and gain other perks

Sony has announced its new PlayStation Stars loyalty program for players. This new program is free to join and incentivizes players to tackle new challenges while playing on PlayStation.

PlayStation Stars won’t launch until later this year. However, once membership is active, players can earn rewards by “completing a variety of campaigns and activities.” A part of the program is dubbed the “Monthly Check-In” where PlayStation players are incentivized to play any game to receive rewards. Other aspects of the program require players to win tournaments and earn specific trophies. PlayStation states that there may also be challenges for being the first to platinum a game in your time zone.

Players will have the opportunity to redeem PlayStation Stars loyalty points. These points can go towards a catalogue that Sony states “include PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products.” Additionally, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in PlayStation Stars will automatically earn points for purchases on the PlayStation Store.

Finally, a part of the loyalty program is a “digital collectible” reward. To get ahead of it, no these are not NFTs, Sony confirms. Instead, these collectibles will be representations of PlayStation icons. These collectibles can range from devices to gaming characters, and other forms of entertainment. Sony says that there will always be new collectibles to earn.

On many levels, it appears as though Sony is taking inspiration not only from Microsoft Rewards but also from the My Nintendo Gold Points program. PlayStation Stars mixes the two core elements of incentivizing players to complete certain challenges by providing points for select purchases. The added layer of digital collectibles is a unique element and should speak to those with an affinity for Sony’s IP and lineage in the console space.

Although a launch window has yet to be set, the company states that it will be rolling out in a phased regional rollout.

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Source: PlayStation