After almost a month with a new iPhone, Chris Evans says he still misses the 6s

In a recent interview, Evans complained the new iPhone was "too heavy" and he misses the home button

Knives Out Chris Evans

Back in June, actor Chris Evans made headlines when he retired his iPhone 6s and finally upgraded to a new iPhone. At the time, Evans shared on social media that he’d miss the home button. Turns out he still does.

In a recent interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub about Evans’ new flick for Netflix, The Gray Man, Evans said he still misses the 6s and that he feel’s like his new phone is “too heavy.”

“I’m just saying, do I miss the home button? Yeah, I do.”

Evans even pulls out his new phone — which appears to be the iPhone 13 Pro based on the size and camera array — and shows how he uses his pinky to support it from the bottom.

“Because as I hold it, you use the pinky to brace it, and it feels too heavy. It’s too heavy,” Evans says.

Honestly, it’s no surprise Evans finds the new iPhone heavy. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro weighs in at 204g (the Pro Max is even heavier at 240g), while the old 6s clocked in at 143g. Moreover, the iPhone 6s was slightly thinner at 7.1mm compared to the 13 Pro’s 7.65mm. Coupled with the smaller size and rounded edges, the iPhone 6s probably fits into the average hand better than the 13 Pro.

Evans also briefly acknowledges that he got several comments recommending he switch to the iPhone SE instead.

“No, I don’t want [the SE], I want the iPhone 6! I want something from before to work until it doesn’t work anymore,” Evans said.

While I agree with the sentiment about wanting things to work, it’s worth pointing out Apple’s current iPhone SE is almost the exact same size as the old iPhone 6s (give or take a few millimetres) and still has a home button. Sure, the camera isn’t as good as what’s in the iPhone 13 Pro, but if Evans wants the 6s, the iPhone SE is just an updated version of that phone.

Header image credit: Lionsgate

Source: Collider