It’s officially ChromeOS, stop writing Chrome OS

I never liked the space anyway

Google Chrome logo on Pixel 6

Google’s Chrome OS is no longer Chrome OS. Now it’s ChromeOS. Yes, ChromeOS.

While such a dramatic branding change may be a head-scratcher for some, this one makes a lot of sense to me and will hopefully bring some consistency to coverage of Google’s Linux-based Chromebook operating system.

The Verge reported on the change, noting that Google’s senior director of marketing for ChromeOS, James Croom, confirmed the change. However, Croom also acknowledged the company hasn’t finished converting every instance of Chrome OS to ChromeOS, so don’t be surprised if you see the occasional Chrome OS out in the wild.

Oh, and in some official branding, Google stylized the name as chromeOS instead of ChromeOS, but that appears to be only a stylistic choice. The correct term is ChromeOS.

The Verge highlights several places where the new ChromeOS brand is on display and a few places where it isn’t if you want to go looking.

For a product that’s been around over a decade, removing a space from the name hardly counts as a major rebranding. Still, it’s nice to have it officially confirmed as the way to go considering people have been all over the place with it for years. Looking back at MobileSyrup’s coverage, over the last couple years we’ve written both ChromeOS and Chrome OS.

Finally, we can have unity.

Source: The Verge