Instagram turning almost all videos into Reels

All videos and Reels will be available under one tab

Instagram will be sharing almost all videos as Reels.

According to a blog post by the company, this will apply to videos less than 15 minutes long. Instagram users who post these videos through public accounts will also have them viewed by a larger audience the company thinks will enjoy the clips. Anyone will be able to build on the video.

Videos and Reels will also be available under one tab. The company says that users will also be able to remix public photos in the coming weeks. Instagram’s remixing feature allows users to film reactions next to original videos.

“If you have a public account, you can turn off remixing for Reels, feed videos or both without changing your account’s privacy settings. You can also turn remixing off for individual videos,” Instagram notes in its Help Center.

Image credit: Instagram

Source: Instagram