Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus bring back $65/20GB plan, add new $60/15GB plan

The three providers previously offered a $65/20GB promotional plan in June

Update 2022/07/29 at 9:47am: The three providers now offer a promotional $60/mo 20GB plan, which is better than the $60/15GB and $65/20GB plans listed below. It’s unclear if the below plans will return after the promotion, or if the providers will list different plans instead. Learn more here.

Flanker brands Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus have brought back their $65/20GB plans after removing the options earlier this month.

As a quick recap, the three providers offered limited-time, promotional $65/mo plans with 20GB of data (the plans were actually $65/15GB with a 5GB bonus) back in mid-June. At the time, the three providers said the plans would stick around until July 4th — Koodo actually removed its plan a few days after the deadline.

Now those plans are back on the providers’ websites, although only Virgin Plus labelled the $65/20GB plan as a limited-time offer. Moreover, the plans list a full 20GB of data, not 15GB of data plus an additional 5GB like before. Instead, all three providers now offer a separate $60/mo plan with 15GB of data (again, only Virgin Plus lists that plan as a limited-time offer), which appears to replace a $60/10GB plan.

However, this is where the providers differ — Fido and Virgin don’t offer any other plans beyond their typical suite of CRTC-mandated starter plans. Koodo, however, lists several other plans on its website, including some that probably shouldn’t be there.

First, Koodo has a $55/mo 8GB promo plan. This isn’t new — it’s been around since mid-May. Then it appears Koodo still lists the old versions of its plans, $60/10GB and $65/15GB, alongside the new $60/15GB and $65/20GB plans. As per my testing, I’m able to add both new and old plans to my cart and navigate through the checkout process (although I didn’t complete any transactions since I’m not looking to switch at this time).

Presumably, this is just a glitch on Koodo’s website and it will de-list the old plans soon. Either way, if you’re shopping for a plan, make sure you’re picking the right plan, so you don’t end up paying more than you need to.

You can view Koodo’s plans here, Fido’s plans here, and Virgin’s plans here. Note some prices may vary by region.