Google Pixel 6a rumoured suffer from fingerprint scanner security issue

Anyone can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the device, according to reports

Google’s Pixel 6a doesn’t launch until later this week on July 28th. That said, a few people that were able to get their hands on the mid-range device early are reporting experiencing significant issues with the smartphone.

According to Reddit post from user ‘Joszeph’ and a YouTube video from ‘Geekyranjit,’ the Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor seems to unlock for anyone who uses the device. If true, this is a significant problem and serious security issue.

Google hasn’t officially addressed the problem yet, and it’s important to note that this could be just a pre-launch bug that will be fixed via a day-one update.

It’s also worth noting that MobileSyrup’s Jon Lamont didn’t run into this problem during his time with the Pixel 6a.

Source: Reddit (Joszeph), YouTube (Geekyranjit) Via: Android Authority