Indie darling Papers, Please coming to Android and iOS in August

The narrative-driven puzzle sim debuted on PC in 2013 to significant critical acclaim

Papers, Please

Critically-acclaimed indie game Papers, Please will release on Android and iOS on August 5th.

Creator Lucas Pope shared the news on his personal Twitter. The puzzle simulation title debuted on PC in 2013 and was ported to iPad in 2014 and the PlayStation Vita in 2017.

In Papers, Please, you play as an immigration officer who must use a suite of limited verification systems to determine who can enter the country. The game has been praised for its empathy-driven storytelling and immersive mechanics.

Pope didn’t confirm a cost for the mobile version of Papers, Please, but for context, it’s priced at $10.99 CAD on Steam. That said, he did joke in a follow-up tweet that console versions are coming in 2031.

It’s worth noting that Pope’s most recent game, the adventure-puzzler Return of the Obra Dinn, is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but not mobile.

Image credit: Lucas Pope

Via: The Verge