Innovative indie gem Before Your Eyes comes to Netflix Games

The adventure title uses a storytelling technique that leverages your device's camera to track your eye movements

Before Your Eyes funeral

BAFTA-winning indie title Before Your Eyes is now available on Netflix Games.


Originally released on PC in April 2021, Before Your Eyes is a unique adventure game in that it uses your device’s camera to track your eye movement. Specifically, blinking is how the player transitions from scene to scene.

In Before Your Eyes, you play as Benjamin “Benny” Brynn, a young man who has just entered the afterlife. Before he can pass on, though, he’ll need to tell his emotional life story to The Gatekeeper.

Also available as of July 26th is Mahjong Solitaire, which features over 300 tile-matching puzzles. The acclaimed turn-based strategy game Into The Breach also hit Netflix Games last week.

Source: Netflix