Elon Musk’s lawyers claim Twitter is being difficult in the pre-trial process

Team Musk sent a letter to Chancellor McCormick asking her to make Twitter play ball

In the latest bout of Twitter v. Elon Musk, Musk’s lawyers claim Twitter is making the pre-trial process difficult and want the Delaware Chancery Court to make it play nice.

In a letter to Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick, who will decide the case, Musk’s lawyers outlined three main issues and calls on the court to resolve them.

First is the issue of the trial date. Team Musk claims the lack of a trial date is giving Team Twitter room to “delay all other scheduling discussions” and prevent the case from being trial-ready by October. Musk’s lawyers want the trial to start on October 17th, while Twitter wants to start on the 10th.

Here’s the thing — Team Twitter wants an earlier start date. The social media company pushed for the earliest possible start on the grounds that Musk’s ongoing shenanigans are hurting the company. Team Musk, on the other hand, wanted the trial to start early next year. McCormick chose October.

Next up: Team Musk is once again complaining that Twitter isn’t producing documents and data. This loops together the second and third issues cited in Musk’s lawyers’ letter to McCormick. Once again, Musk is after Twitter data — presumably, given that Musk keeps banging on about it, Twitter’s firehouse data, which was the central part of Musk’s complaints about Twitter having more spam bots than it said.

In the letter, Team Musk says it needs all that information by August 1st and requested McCormick compel Twitter to produce said data.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. The Verge suspects there will be a lot more legal complaining in the coming weeks in back-and-forth filing from both sides. Team Twitter will likely respond to the Team Musk letter with its own filing about how Musk is being just as difficult.

How McCormick responds to all this may give us a clue to how the whole thing will play out — will she put up with the shenanigans or put a stop to it?

Source: The Verge