GM launches EV Live platform for potential customers to learn about EVs

The website and the live tour are available on both desktop and mobile

Monday, July 25th marked the launch of General Motors’ (GM) EV Live digital platform.

The platform, which GM will use to educate potential electric vehicle (EV) buyers, is a one-stop shop for buyers to get in touch with EV specialists, learn about vehicle ranges, explore charging, learn about batteries, and the benefits of owning an EV. Educating customers will, in turn, be beneficial for GM, which is playing catch up with Tesla and its huge EV market share.

The website also has a “Live Tour” section, where potential customers can get a one-on-one live tour with an EV specialist. The live tour has a one-way camera, which means that you can see the specialist, but they can’t see you. On the other hand, your microphone will be on, so you can verbally ask any questions you might have in mind. If you prefer chat-based conversation, that is an option too.

The website and the live tour are available on both desktop and mobile. At first, the service will only offer one-on-one sessions, with GM aiming to expand group tours later this year.

“With EV Live, we’re making it easier to learn about the EV experience. Whether you’re curious or skeptical, an experienced owner or brand new to EVs, the experts at EV Live are here to help,” said Hoss Hassani, GM’s vice president of EV Ecosystem.

Learn more about the EV Live experience here.

Image credit: EV Live

Source: EV Live