These minor changes are making the Gmail search experience better

The feature started rolling out today but could potentially take over 15 days to be widely available

Google is making slight changes to Gmail that would improve the search and suggestion options in the application.

In the past, Google has added search filters, search operators, search chips, and more in an attempt to improve the app’s search and suggestion capabilities. Now, according to the Mountain View, California-based company, “Gmail has more accurate and circumstantial search suggestions with better customization as a result of our new machine learning models.”

While searching for an email conversation, a file, or a colleague’s information in the search box, you will now notice that Gmail better understands what you’re looking for and helps you find it with intent matching for names and email addresses. Suggestions are now more likely to show you email addresses and first names that fit your query, before matching queries with last names.

In addition to intent matching, Gmail will now provide more personalized suggestions. The suggestions would be “based on historical exchanges, such as how often you interact with a colleague via Gmail,” says Google, so people you email the most frequently would land high up on search if they match the query.

The feature started rolling out today, July 27th, for both Rapid Release and Schedule Release users, and can potentially take over 15 days for the feature to be widely available. It’s worth noting that the new features won’t be available to Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise Essentials customers, and legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers.

Source: Google