Snapchat first AR game is a horror mystery called Ghost Phone

Find augmented ghosts in your home

Snapchat is now moving into augmented reality (AR) gaming, and its first in-app title is called Ghost Phone.

The theme of the game revolves around you finding a lost phone, and trying to figure out what happened to its original owner. What starts off as a regular adventure soon turns spooky.

The game tasks you to use your phone’s camera (not the phone you found, but your actual phone) to scan for AR ghosts in your surrounding. As you find more ghosts, and capture them, you’ll unlock secrets that help you uncover the plot, including text messages, apps and more.

To access the game, head to the lens section on the Snapchat app and scroll up to explore all lenses. Search for “Ghost Phone,” and the first lens with a ‘question mark on a phone’ logo should be it.

The new augmented reality game comes soon after the Santa Monica, California-based company announced that it is adding a feature that will let users turn their NFTs into filters.