Twitter is testing a weird pre-created status feature

Strangely, it's not possible to attach custom statuses to Tweets


Twitter is testing a new status feature that allows users to assign several pre-written labels to their tweets.

If this sounds strange and somewhat useless, you’re not alone. A spokesperson for Twitter recently confirmed to TechCrunch that the social network is testing the functionality in the United States and Australia.

“For a limited time, we are testing a feature that allows you to add a status topic from a predetermined list to your Tweets to provide more context for your followers. So whether you are about to drop a hot Tweet thread, share your shower thoughts, or have a bad case of the Mondays, your Tweets can better convey what you are up to,” said the Twitter representative.

These canned statuses also have an accompanying emoji and include thought-provoking updates like “Hot Take,” “Vacation Mode,” “Unpopular Opinion,” (which would be very useful for me), and of course, “Case of the Mondays.” This feature likely aims to allow Twitter users to save characters in their tweets, but unfortunately, you can’t create custom statuses. This means you won’t be able to add My Chemical Romance lyrics to your darkest tweets like you’re using MSN in 2003.

Back in April, developer Jane Manchun Wong first uncovered Twitter’s status feature, stating that its internal codename at the social media giant is “Vibe.”

It’s unclear if this new status feature will receive a wider rollout or if the social media platform aims to also test it in Canada. Other recent in-development Twitter features include ‘Unmentioning” contacts from conversations, mixed-media tweets and downvotes.

Twitter and frequent Twitter shitposter Elon Musk are currently embroiled in a legal battle surrounding the latter’s failed attempt at acquiring the social media giant.

Source: TechCrunch, @coolranchzaku Via: The Verge