Telus offering customers with U.S. roaming free 24/7 healthcare hotline

Telus' roaming package costs $12 a day

Telus is offering customers travelling to the U.S. free access to its travel health care program.

The Telus Health MyCare Travel service is available to Telus and Koodo customers with a U.S. roaming package or a Canada-U.S. plan.

It connects users travelling across the country to a team of registered nurses in the U.S. by phone 24/7. Customers can access triage services, information to help them get through the healthcare system in the U.S., and medical advice for concerns and symptoms that aren’t urgent.

Telus’ U.S. roaming costs $12 a day. Users can access data from their plans and have unlimited talk and text. Additionally, customers can opt for pay-for-use and pay $5 per MB of data, $1.60 per minute of talk and $0.75 per text.

Those able to access the service will have to download the Telus Health MyCare app.

More information is available on Telus’ website.

Image credit: Telus