Check out this interactive map of the hometowns of notable people

Ever wonder if someone famous came from your hometown? Well, this interactive visualization tool shows the most notable person to come from various places around the world.

An interactive world map made by Topi Tjukanov leverages a “cross-verified database of notable people” to put the names of notable people over their hometowns. Tjukanov is a geographer and senior map designer at Mapbox. ‘Notable’ contributions include culture, science, leadership, and sports (and the map lets you filter by these).

The names on the map were determined using baseline information scraped from Wikipedia and Wikidata for use in a Nature study that attempted to calculate a person’s notability. Factors include the number of Wikipedia editions of each individual, the length of all available biographies, the average number of biography views for each individual between 2015 and 2018, and more.

The size of names on the map correlates to the notability rank (larger name, higher rank). Moreover, bigger names stay visible for longer when you zoom out, offering a sense of notability on a larger scale too.

You can check out the map for yourself here.

Source: The Verge