Google’s August security patch for Pixels appears to be delayed

The search giant published the details of the August patch, but hasn't delivered the patch yet.

It looks like Google’s August security patch is delayed. The search giant typically drops its monthly security updates for Pixel phones on the first Monday of every month. However, the first Monday of August has come and gone without the corresponding update.

Per Android Police, Google did publish its monthly ‘Pixel Update Bulletin‘ on time, listing an August 2022 update coming for Android 12. The publication notes that it’s not clear why the update didn’t roll out, but the delay is likely due to some sort of bug or issue serious enough to warrant postponing the rollout.

The patch, when it eventually arrives, will address 40 security issues ranging from moderate to high severity across the kernel, modem, and camera.

Google also hasn’t yet released the latest Pixel builds for manual installation

Moreover, Android Police detailed that Verizon Pixel devices got an update, but it appears to be based on the July security patch, not the August patch. This won’t mean much for Canadian Pixel owners, but it’s interesting to see the carrier-specific Pixel phones getting a patch based on a month-old update.

Anyway, we’ll hopefully see the August patch hit Pixel devices soon, especially since Samsung beat it to the punch by rolling out the August security patch to its devices in July!

Source: Android Police