Koodo ‘Data Days’ return, offering 1-10 GB add-ons for $1-10/month

If you're on Koodo, you might want to check for a text from the carrier

Koodo has brought back its ‘Data Day’ promotion, giving customers the chance to purchase data add-ons at reduced costs.

As first shared by RedFlagDeals user jshmeek, Koodo has been texting some customers about the offer, which allows you to add 1GB of extra data for $1 per month, up to 10GB for $10. This is a change from previous add-on deals, which required you to pick from preset data quantities, like 1GB, 2GB or 10GB.

Multiple other RedFlagDeals users responded in the thread to confirm they’ve also received the Data Day text. However, some Montreal users noted that they got a Data Day text offering the same deal for $2, not $1.

For what it’s worth, I’m on Koodo in Ontario and haven’t gotten any variation of this Data Day message. In general, it’s unclear what customers it’s being sent to, so your mileage may vary.

“To add an extra 1GB of data for $1 per month, reply FLASH1. For an extra 2GB for $2, reply FLASH 2 and so on up to 10GB for $10,” reads the text. The message adds that the deal ends on August 3rd at 11:59pm PT/August 4th at 2:59am ET.

Source: RedFlagDeals (jshmeek) Via: iPhoneinCanada