Some Bell customers in the GTA reporting mobile internet outage

Outages are also reported on Bell's flanker brand, Virgin Plus

Some Bell customers seem to be experiencing a service outage.

Downdetector, Ookla’s outage-tracking website, received 141 reports of an outage just before 1pm ET today, a majority of them (57 percent) related to mobile internet. The outage seems to largely impact the Greater Toronto Area but has also been reported in Ottawa, Kitchener, Montreal, and Calgary.

The website has also received an increased number of outage reports from Virgin Plus, Bell’s flanker brand. The website reported 95 outages at 12:58pm ET, its last update.

MobileSyrup staff reporter Jon Lamont was also hit by the outage, with his Bell service disconnecting just before 1pm ET. However, it came back about 30 minutes later after he toggled his phone’s airplane mode on and off.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Bell for confirmation and will provide an update once available.

More to come…