Telus mailed me a free SIM, $70/25GB plan to switch from Koodo

In the age of eSIMs, carriers are still mailing out physical SIM cards


Usually, my physical mailbox is full of useless junk mail (no, I’m not interested in selling my house), but on Monday, I was surprised to receive a rather interesting offer from Telus.

The deal, entitled ‘Need an upgrade,’ seems to aim to encourage Koodo customers to make the jump to Telus. For those who are unaware, Koodo is Telus’ flanker brand.

“Patrick, since Telus and Koodo are part of the same family, we wanted to let you know about a special Telus deal,” reads the offer.

The Unlimted 25 5G plan costs $70 per month and includes 5G speeds. The ad stands out because it comes in at $15/mo less than the carrier’s in-market version of the plan, and it includes a physical Telus SIM card. It’s surprising to see a carrier still send out a free SIM, especially in the modern era of digital eSIMs.

It’s important to note that Telus lists data speeds with this plan at up to 250Mbps with unlimited data at a “reduced speed” of 512Kbps once the 25GB has been hit. However, there are no overages with this plan. Those interested in switching can bring their own device or purchase a new smartphone through Telus.

Since I’m with Koodo and currently have a plan that gives me 30GB of LTE data (usually at speeds of 20Mbps-70Mbps) for $70/month, the jump to 5G alongside the loss of 5GB of data isn’t worth it for me. Maybe if the deal was tied to the carrier’s Unlimited 50 5G+ plan that offers 50GB of data at 1Gbps, it would be a much better option.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time a Canadian carrier has given away a free SIM card. For example, Bell sent a ‘win-back’ offer that included 20GB of data for $55/mo to some former customers last year.

Have you received an offer to switch from Koodo to Telus? Let us know in the comments below.