Rogers offers $55/mo 20GB student plan

The plan is only available for students, and relies on a few slightly confusing discounts


Rogers rolled out a back-to-school offer for students: a $55/mo 20GB plan with unlimited data and 5G access.

The Toronto-based national telecom details the special student offer on its website, but RedFlagDeals also highlighted the offer with some additional details about how the discounts work. To start, it’s important to note that the deal is only for students, and you need a valid student ID and proof of enrollment to get it.

Next, Rogers’ website notes the discounted plan only last 24 months and notes customers will need to sign up for Automatic Payments to get a $5/mo discount to hit the advertised price. The Rogers website also suggests students need to finance a device to quality.

RFD adds some clarity here, noting that there’s a $25/mo discount (with no expiration), the $5/mo Automatic Payment discount, and another $5/mo discount that lasts 24 months. These discounts take the $90/mo 20GB plan down to $55/mo. However, the $90 plan mentioned by RFD doesn’t seem to exist — at the time of writing, Rogers’ website only had an $85/25GB plan and $95/45GB plan.

It’s possible this discrepancy stems from the source of the deal — the RFD post mentions the deal is only available at retailers like Wow Mobile, Wireless Wave, Costco, BestBuy, and others, whereas the Rogers offer is, well, the Rogers offer.

There also may be some one-time fees at the beginning; Rogers notes there’s a $50 ‘Setup Service Fee,’ but that gets waived if you get the plan through self-serve or Rogers’ website. Additionally, Rogers’ website says a “one-time fee of $50 may apply for existing customers in addition to the Setup Service Fee.”

Despite all the confusion and weirdness around discounts and setup fees, it seems there’s a $55/mo 20GB plan available from Rogers for students. But, if you’d rather not deal with all that, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus all have $60/20GB plans and a $5/mo discount for 12 months, making the plans $55/20GB (at least for the first year). That might be a better option for most, especially if you don’t need 5G or a new phone.

You can check out the Rogers offer here.