Unreleased white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller leaks on YouTube

It's likely an official announcement from Microsoft is coming soon

Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad

I have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad.

On one hand, it remains the most comfortable and highest quality feeling gamepad I’ve ever used, but on the other, it offers an unacceptable mess of quality control issues that make its steep $229 price tag not worth it.

I outline my ongoing saga of problems with the Series 2 in this story, but in short, its face buttons — ‘X,’ ‘Y,’ ‘B,’ ‘A’ — are sometimes unresponsive. Most recently, I also encountered problems with the Series 2’s left joystick, where it doesn’t click in anymore.

Back in 2020, Microsoft extended the gamepad’s warranty from 90 days to one year following reports of issues, but even repaired controllers still suffer from problems. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft’s first-gen Elite gamepad also suffered from problems.

With all of this in mind, a brief unboxing video, uploaded to YouTube by an account tied to the name Nicholas Lugo, shows off a white Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad. It’s unclear where the video’s creator purchased the gamepad beyond that it was bought in the U.S., but it seems to be legitimate.

The controller features black arm grips and a white centre. It also includes the standard paddles, joysticks and face buttons featured on the black Series 2 controller.

Hopefully, if this white Elite Series 2 does get released, Microsoft has solved its several quality issues. That said, a special edition Halo Infinite Elite Series 2 dropped a few months ago, and it still suffers from reliability issues.

Source: Nicholas Lugo (YouTube) Via: The Verge