Telus to invest $13 million in Fort McMurray and St. Albert, Alberta in 2022

The investments are part of a larger $17 billion expenditure plan for Alberta


Telus’ $17 billion investment in Alberta will include millions for Fort McMurray and St. Albert.

Fort McMurray will see $3 million in investments this year, while St. Albert will receive $10 million worth of investments.

The $17 billion will be spent through 2026. It will connect thousands of homes in the province to Telus’ pure fibre-to-the-home network and create 8,500 new jobs.

“This generational $17 billion investment in Alberta is a true demonstration of Telus’ long-standing commitment to improving the lives of Canadians by connecting communities from coast-to-coast with our world-leading wireless 5G and PureFibre networks,” Darren Entwistle, Telus’ CEO, said.

The $17 billion investment includes $10 million for Leduc and $220 million for Edmonton.

Source: Telus