Apple is going after third-party websites hosing iOS developer betas

Finding Apple OS updates through third-party sources will likely soon be more difficult

iPhone 13 Pro

If you can’t wait for Apple to drop the public beta of its various operating system updates, your options are relatively limited.

You can either sign up for a $99 USD (roughly $126 CAD) developer account or venture to the shadier areas of the internet to find developer account beta profile builds for the tech giant’s various devices’ operating systems.

The latter option gives you access to iOS, iPadOS and macOS developer beta profiles for free, but you also run the risk of installing a potentially dangerous profile on your Apple device. That said, there are several pretty reliable developer beta profile sources out there.

And, free is free, but it looks like Apple isn’t pleased with these third-party websites undercutting it.

In a recent tweet, @BetaProfiles, one of the more popular third-party sources for Apple developer beta files, has announced that it has shut down its website betaprofiles.com. According to the tweet, the owner of the website doesn’t “want to get into a legal battle with Apple.”

Other popular third-party websites that host iOS, iPadOS and MacOS developer betas will likely soon disappear as well.

Source: @BetaProfiles Via: XDA Developers