Third-party Hide My Email support reportedly cancelled or delayed

The feature is still listed on the macOS Ventura page in other countries, including Apple's Canadian website

The macOS Ventura specification page on Apple’s website contained information regarding “Hide My Email” support for third-party apps until recently. It now appears to be gone, as first reported by MacGeneration.

The feature, which works on Apple’s own Mail and Safari apps, was introduced last year as part of Apple’s iCloud+ service. When enabled in Mail or Safari, “a unique disposable email address” is generated for you, allowing you to send emails to people without having to disclose your real email address. The same works for when you need to register for a website and provide an email address.

The functionality was expected to be expanded to third-party applications, like Gmail, with the drop of Apple’s macOS Ventura. The page, until August 3rd, according to MacGeneration said “Hide My Email in apps. Keep your personal email address private with Hide My Email in third‑party apps.” This no longer appears to be on agenda.

The feature is still listed on the macOS venture page in other countries, including the Canadian website, but has been removed from the U.S. page.

It is currently unclear if Apple has completely dropped third-party support for the feature, or whether it has just postponed it.

Learn more about macOS Ventura here.

Source: MacGeneration