OCS says weed shops to receive deliveries following cyberattack

OCS deliveries to weed shops should start arriving soon


Ontario’s Cannabis Store (OCS), the provincial government-run retailer that operates its own store and also sells marijuana products to pot shops in the province, says that deliveries will soon start making their way to pot shops.

The OCS announced on Monday, August 15th, that one of its third-party logistics partners suffered a cyberattack, forcing the company to cap the number of cannabis products retailers can order to 30 packs per product and to delay orders. The cyberattack on Domain Logistics occurred on August 5th.

The OCS says that a third-party forensic investigation determined that no customer data was compromised by the cyberattack.

This limitation resulted in several weed stores across the province to be without pot deliveries for roughly a week. According to The Canadian Press, the OCS has told pot shops that delivery hours will be extended and that the order size limitation aims to ensure standard delivery sizes and timing return as quickly as possible.

“Our focus is now on working our way through the backlog of wholesale orders and getting trucks on the road delivering to Ontario’s authorized retailers who count on us,” said OCS CEO David Lobo in a statement.

The OCS says that deliveries should start arriving in the next few days.

Source: The Canadian Press (City News)