Android distribution numbers indicate a meager Android 12 market share

Android 12 has a roughly 13.3 percent marketshare

Android operating system (OS) fragmentations have always been an issue for Google, and now, new Android distribution numbers reveal the disparity in operating systems currently running on Android devices.

According to the report, via 9to5Google, Android 12 is running on only 13.3 percent of Android devices. Before releasing the latest numbers, Google had last updated the Android Platform/API Version Distribution number in Android Studio on May 9th.

Back then, Android 12 wasn’t listed in the distribution numbers, similar to how today’s list does not mention the upcoming Android 13. However, it is estimated that during that time, roughly 6.6 percent of Android devices were running the latest OS.

The way Google calculates the numbers is by compiling the number of Android devices that accessed the Play Store during a seven-day period. According to the data, Android 11 now sits at roughly 27 percent market share, up from 23.8 percent in May, retaining its spot as the most-used Android OS version, closely followed by Android 10 at 22.3 percent and the four-year-old Android 9 Pie at 14.5 percent. It must be disheartening for Google to see an almost five-year-old OS hold more market share than its latest innovations.

The Android distribution numbers aren’t available through any of Google’s official webpages, however, they are available to developers via Google’s Android Studio.

Image credit: 9to5Google

Via: 9to5Google