Meta adds new features to Instagram and Facebook Reels

Users can now cross post Instagram Reels to Facebook

Meta has introduced several new features for Reels on Facebook and Instagram to help creators share their content to a wider audience.

The ‘Add Yours’ sticker lets users join or start trends. Facebook and Instagram compile all the different types of Reels with specific ‘Add Yours’ prompts to separate pages.

The top of the page will mention the username of the account that started that specific sticker. Meta initially launched the ‘Add Yours’ feature on stories.

Users can now also cross-post Reels from Instagram to Facebook and auto-create Reels on Facebook with previously shared Facebook stories. Eligible creators can also earn money through Facebook Stars by sharing monetized Reels on Facebook. According to Meta’s website, viewers purchase Stars to send to streaming creators. Meta pays $0.01 USD for every Star a creator receives.

Meta has also added more insights to Facebook Reels through the Creator Studio, sharing metrics including reach, minutes viewed and average watch time.

Image credit: Meta

Source: Meta