Android’s underused ‘Upgrade Party’ could educate users about updates

Upgrade Party offers manufacturers a way to easily share new features in software updates with users right on their phone

Although some might not realize it, not many people outside of the tech enthusiast community know much about software updates. For many people, software updates aren’t exciting; they’re a chore and often bring unforeseen or unwanted changes.

I know quite a few people who installed the Android 12 update, for example, and were frustrated with the new design because it moved or changed things they had gotten used to. However, Google has tools to communicate new features to users — Pixel users, for example, likely see notifications from the Pixel Tips app with details about new features in an update. The thing is, Android actually has a built-in tool for sharing this kind of information.

Esper’s senior technical editor, Mishaal Rahman, shared details about the ‘Android Upgrade Party’ feature, an educational tool available in Android since at least the Android 11 update, which manufacturers can leverage to show off new features after an update.

Rahman highlighted some of Upgrade Part’s features in a Twitter thread and a YouTube video (via Android Police). In short, Upgrade Party can welcome users to a new update and then walk them through the most important new features using either a generic flow from Google or a custom one from manufacturers.

Moreover, Rahman cited a small number of examples of the feature in use, including the Nokia 7.2, Nokia X10, and the Oppo Find X2 Pro. It’s a bit of a bummer that more manufacturers aren’t using the feature. It might help educate users about new features and changes and possibly encourage some enthusiasm about updates, rather than people walking about from big changes feeling confused.

Source: Mishaal Rahman (Twitter) Via: Android Police