Heatwave in China forces factories supplying to Apple, Tesla to shut down

Temperatures are surpassing 40 degrees Celsius in several cities

A heatwave has forced the biggest electric vehicle battery manufacturer in the world, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), which supplies to Tesla, to temporarily close its doors.

Located in China’s Sichuan province, the government has shut down factories in 19 cities to conserve power. According to CNN, the province hosts several companies that manufacture products for the semiconductor and solar panel industries and the shutdown could cause problems for various companies.

Foxconn Technology, which supplies to Apple, and Intel, are among the companies asked to shutter operations.

The news outlet reports China is experiencing the worst heat wave in six decades. Temperatures surpass 40 degrees Celsius in many cities, and the demand for air conditioning has skyrocketed.

Source: CNN